Questions & Answers

Cancel my timeshare now!

I've tried for years to get my timeshare sold, but no luck. How can you assure me that your method will get me out of my timeshare once and for all?

Our proprietary method of cancelling your timeshare ownership is so successful, we back our method with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Am I responsible for the annual maintenance fees once I'm no longer the owner?

Absolutely not. At the time we get your timeshare ownership cancelled, there is no future liability in connection with the timeshare.

I still have a loan on my timeshare. Can you get me out of my loan, too?

In most cases, we can get you out of your ownership liabilities AND your loan. We will need to ask some specific questions in order to ascertain whether we can also get you out of your loan.

Are my children responsible for my timeshare after I pass away?

At the time we absolve you from your timeshare ownership, there will be no further liability on your behalf, nor your heirs/children.

Can you get me out of all of my timeshares?

We are able to get our clients out of almost all timeshares.

I'm not sure if my timeshare is sellable. Can you help me determine whether it is still sellable, before I commit to cancelling my timeshare ownership?

Believe it or not, there are still some timeshares that are sellable. If we determine your timeshare is still sellable, we will refer you to our licensed real estate brokerage, which specializes in timeshare resales.

How can I avoid timeshare scams?
Many of the professionals at Preferred Timeshare Exits have been in the timeshare industry for over 3 decades. We know just about every timeshare scam in existence. If you feel you have been solicited by a scammer, let us know. Often times, we can ascertain whether you have been a victim of a scam or not. And feel free to read ‘Avoid Timeshare Scams‘ on the Resources tab at the top of this page.

We were recommended by licensed real estate individuals who hold your company in 'High Regard' for your abilities, honesty and integrity in dealing with the public. We highly endorse your company in every respect and will recommend you to anyone who owns a timeshare.- J & P Ehrenberg

Excellent! Non-pressuring, no heavy sales pitch. Down-to-Earth, very helpful in every respect - especially in the face of adversity during to unforeseen circumstances! Thanks a lot for everything.- A & I Isaacson

Your professional but low-key and non-pushy attitude make is pleasant to deal with you and we shall continue to recommend you to our friends." - H. & M. Grillmeyer

Your honesty was impressive. There are too many con artists out there trying to take our money...Thank you." - L. & J. Talbot