About Us

Preferred Timeshare Exits was founded in 1996 for timeshare owners who have nowhere else to turn. We have helped thousands of owners throughout the US and worldwide, escape from unsellable, unmarketable timeshares through firm legal action. With two decades of industry experience and a spotless record, our guaranteed service and exemplary reputation has been a beacon of hope for anyone feeling trapped in a timeshare.

Its founder, Karen Phelan, has been involved in various aspects of the timeshare industry since 1985. She started Preferred Timeshare Exits because she saw a real need for people who needed after-market assistance in absolving themselves of their timeshares.

Preferred Timeshare Exits - Karen

The Reality

The timeshare market is created by the developer through their sales presentations. When the resort is sold out, there are no more buyers being exposed to their resort. The timeshare market is created by the sales presentation. The market depletes when there are no more presentations showcasing the resort to the public. When the resort is sold out, the buyers stop coming into the resale market, and the market collapses. Timeshare owners are left trying to sell in a market, diluted with thousands of other timeshare sellers. All this while paying maintenance fees and unexpected special assessments indefinitely, for an unsellable timeshare. The resorts create a situation that almost impossible to escape without expert help. Preferred Timeshare Exits is your expert help.

Our Mission

We help owners cancel their timeshares, holding the resorts accountable by way of legal action. Our in-house legal counsel challenges developers, and forces them to take back the timeshares they sold to the public. Our clients trust us to get them out of their timeshare and back in control, even if they have a loan. Our ultimate goal is to treat our clients with the honesty, integrity, and fairness they deserved from the beginning.

Cancel my timeshare now!

We were recommended by licensed real estate individuals who hold your company in 'High Regard' for your abilities, honesty and integrity in dealing with the public. We highly endorse your company in every respect and will recommend you to anyone who owns a timeshare.- J & P Ehrenberg

Excellent! Non-pressuring, no heavy sales pitch. Down-to-Earth, very helpful in every respect - especially in the face of adversity during to unforeseen circumstances! Thanks a lot for everything.- A & I Isaacson

Your professional but low-key and non-pushy attitude make is pleasant to deal with you and we shall continue to recommend you to our friends." - H. & M. Grillmeyer

Your honesty was impressive. There are too many con artists out there trying to take our money...Thank you." - L. & J. Talbot

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Our Experience

We’ve been helping timeshare owners for over 20 years, with an A+ accreditation rating with the Better Business Bureau, since 1999. We’re proud to say that we’ve never received a complaint from a customer – ever.

Our president, Karen Phelan, has over 30 years of experience in the timeshare industry. She understands that the timeshare market can be treacherous, and is committed to helping owners navigate it.

If you’re trapped in your timeshare, we’re here to help.